Transparency Data

As The Ferret is a cooperative, our members are also part owners of the project.

To help everyone understand how the business is performing, and how it works, we do our best to be as transparent as possible. The information below is based on the most recent figures we have. Unless otherwise stated they are for our last financial year, which ended on September 30, 2021.

You can find out more about our Directors, governance and background here. If you like what you see here, please consider joining us.

Our stories

In the year to September 30 2021, our stories were viewed more than 1.4million times and generated more than 180,000 interactions on social media.

Our podcasts were downloaded more than 7000 times.

To date we’ve published more than 5000 datasets and source documents linked to our reporting. You can search them here.

The last 60 days

Although we often partner with other media organisations to boost the impact of our stories, you can see the most viewed stories on our website in the last 60 days, below.

Our membership

At the end of September 2021 we had 2316 members.

Sponsored members get free access for a year. Our members provide vital support for the co-operative and give grant funders the confidence to invest in our work.

Membership income

This chart shows how our income from memberships has grown in our last financial year.

It does not include one-off donations and non-recurring income.

Our income

The Ferret generates income from a mix of memberships, small donations, content-sales to other media and philanthropic grants.

We never accept money from a source if it might compromises our editorial independence.

Our expenditure

We work hard to keep our overheads down.

This maximises the amount we can spend on producing and publishing original journalism.

All workers at The Ferret are paid a flat day rate.

Our accounts

These are our latest draft accounts. We'll update them here if they change.

You can find our earlier returns on the FCA website.

Our FCA return

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It's still a draft too and we'll updated it if it changes.

You can find our earlier returns on the FCA website.

Grant funders

The Ferret is grateful to the organisations listed below for providing funding or in-kind support to The Ferret, since we launched in 2015.

In our current financial year:

£10,000 or more

  • Luminate Group
  • The Reva and David Logan Foundation
  • European Journalism Foundation / Solutions Journalism Network

Less than £10,000

  • The Sunrise Project
  • Lankelly Chase Foundation

In financial year to September 30 2021: 

£10,000 or more

  • Luminate Group
  • Lankelly Chase Foundation
  • European Climate Fund
  • European Journalism Centre

Less than £10,000

  • Caledonia Centre for Social Development 
  • Uplift

In previous years: 

£10,000 or more

  • The Seedbed Trust
  • Google DNI Fund
  • First Port
  • Luminate Group
  • European Journalism Covid-19 Support Fund

Less than £10,000

  • Cooperatives UK
  • One Kind
  • 38 Degrees
  • Centre for Investigative Journalism
  • Lenfest Institute, Community Listening and Engagement Fund
  • Lush
  • People's Postcode Lottery
  • Google Covid-19 Emergency Fund
  • Public Interest News Foundation


Our regulator Impress did not investigate any formal complaints against The Ferret in the year to September 30 2021.

A complete list of Impress complaint determinations, including historical complaints against The Ferret, can be found on their website here:

More detail

If you want more information, you could try checking out our FAQ page, where you can find details of our governance and editorial policies.

If you can't find information you need please don't hesitate to get in touch to ask.

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