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Below you can find details of the twenty most read stories over the last 30 days, and the way that people found our website.

Top stories – last 30 days
pageTitle pageviews
The Ferret | Good journalism changes things8,442
FFS explains: Can Covid-19 vaccine affect menstrual cycles?4,498
Claim of multiple Scots dead from Covid-19 vaccine Half True4,208
Power & Influence: Top 10 Most influential people in Scotland4,181
Ten Scottish Newspapers are owned by three billionaires3,913
Drinks giants, fashion tycoons, and the world's richest man: who owns Scotland's whisky?3,085
Windfall: a third of big wind farms linked to tax havens2,943
Claim Scots have lower immunity to Covid-19 Mostly True2,813
Lobbying loophole: How big business influences Scottish ministers without scrutiny2,670
Meet the quango class: people who serve on the boards of Scotland’s public bodies2,087
Support us2,036
The ten beaches in Scotland where swimming could damage your health1,961
Fact check: Claim about Neil Ferguson's Covid-19 predictions1,955
Investigation launched into footage of lice infested salmon1,804
Trump lawyers ‘flood of complaints’ to stop Aberdeenshire golf course losing conservation status1,789
‘Open sewers’: 25 Scottish beaches contaminated by faeces1,754
Who Runs Scotland | The Ferret1,600
‘Devastating’ nuclear accident risks kept under wraps1,583
Join us1,552
Covid-19 graphic shared by John Swinney is Mostly False1,547
Top traffic sources – last 30 days
sourceMedium pageviews
google / organic42,480
(direct) / (none)17,204 / referral15,507
ActiveCampaign / email8,632 / referral7,525
webpushr / push4,166
rss / twitter3,503 / referral2,084
bing / organic1,940 / referral1,229
duckduckgo / organic1,191 / referral860 / referral479 / referral422
June 2021 Scot mem news / email406
yahoo / organic321 / organic304 / referral245
push / (not set)224 / referral115

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