Got a head for investigative journalism but haven’t had a break yet or been given a chance?

The Ferret is looking to commission writers and other contributors to increase the range of stories and perspectives currently offered and reach new audiences.

We have earmarked £2000 to fund this drive for content.

The Ferret is targeting this call out to young writers or those who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic, or from other under-represented backgrounds.

The idea of inviting people from under-represented backgrounds is to make sure we provide audiences with balanced, diverse and informed writing from all corners of Scotland and its people. We also want to make sure talent has access to our platform, regardless of privilege.

The Ferret is particularly interested in pitches covering areas that we haven’t yet covered in great depth, and is keen for submissions around housing/homelessness and mental health.

Pitches should include:

  • a clear understanding of The Ferret as a publication and of the particular style and skills needed for investigative journalism and reportage.
  • evidence of some experience as a writer (or photographer or multimedia maker).
  • a story or news angle that is unique, ideally on a topic not often seen in the Scottish media.
  • a strong argument as to why this story is of national, as well as local relevance.

Stories will be paid at our standard rate of £110 per day and editorial support and guidance will be provided. We encourage in-depth pieces that take a bit more time, as well as collaborations.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.