You can get in touch with us using the form below.

We recognise that it can be hard to communicate securely on the internet. If you want to share sensitive information with us, but are worried about being identified, you may not want to use this contact form.

We provide more information below the form on how to share very sensitive information with us.

Answers to common questions we often get asked are available in our community forum.

You can suggest a topic for us to investigate, or vote and comment on other people’s proposals on our dedicated ideas board. This helps our editorial committee to decide what we should look into next.

Leaking to The Ferret

If you want to contact us about something very sensitive and want to reduce the chances of anyone linking you to The Ferret, there are steps you can take to cut the risks of your communications being monitored or subsequently uncovered.

For our part, we’re always really grateful when people leak us information or send us tip offs, and we understand that people who do this may be taking significant risks in order to get information to us.

Therefore, if you do decided to send us sensitive information, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we practically can to keep your identify secret – even within The Ferret.

The suggestions below may seem a little a daunting, as they all require the use of software you may not be familiar with, but we’ve tried to provide you with the most user-friendly options we can.

When using any of these methods below on a home computer, you may wish to use a Virtual Private Network and the TOR browser to reduce the chances of your Internet Service Provider, and others, being able to keep records of the sites you visit online.

Instant messaging

If you have a smart phone, you could send messages and files via the Telegram messaging service to this account.

If required, Telegram also permits “secret chats” where the record of the conversation is more secure, and they can even be set to “self destruct,” leaving no record it ever took place.

This is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with The Ferret.


You could set-up a free encrypted email account with a cloud provider like Tutanota, and only use it for leaking information with us. You can use this service to send us encrypted emails. It encrypts attachments and it can also send “self-destructing emails” that are password protected and delete themselves after a certain time period.

You can send emails from this service to contact but before we can open and reply to mails from Tutanota you will need to send us a password on a second channel. You could send the password via Telegram messaging service to this account.

Another way to send us sensitive material is by PGP encrypted email. If you are unsure what we mean or how to set it up, this guide explains more.

You can send encrypted email to You can find our pgp public key here.

Use anonymous file-sharing.

If you want to send us large files anonymously, you could also consider using free encrypted file sharing software called Wormhole

Once you’ve set this up, you could send the url for us to download your files via the Telegram messaging service to this account.

By post

The other option is to send information by post.

You can send mail to us at this address:

The Ferret Media Ltd

The Melting Pot

15 Calton Road



Please note, whilst The Melting Pot maintain a secure mailbox for us, no Ferret journalists work there.

SMS or Telephone

You can text or call The Ferret on this number: +447401226415

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