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For Fact’s Sake podcast: How can online investigators expose Israel-Gaza propaganda?

On For Fact’s Sake this week, we are looking at the role of fact-checking in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Ali spoke to Lucy Swinnen, an editor at Bellingcat, which is using publicly available videos, images and data to tackle some of the propaganda and disinformation swirling around since October’s escalation.

But with so many people online now using publicly available footage to attempt to debunk narratives in the conflict, is there a danger that open-source investigation can be used to mislead?

Elsewhere on the podcast, Ali and Paul look at Margaret Thatcher’s alleged views on independence, and the disinformation spreading alongside bedbugs in France.

For Fact's Sake podcast: How can online investigators expose Israel-Gaza propaganda? 6

Show notes:

  • Bellingcat’s investigation into the Al-Ahli hospital attack is here.
  • Read their guides on how to research using open-source tools here.
  • Our fact-check on the Margaret Thatcher quote on independence is here.

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