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For Fact’s Sake podcast: Why is bad diet advice online so dangerous?

Dieting and fitness advice is rife on social media, but listening to the wrong information can be devastating to people’s health and wellbeing.

Ali and Paul spoke to Kirsty Pavey from eating disorder charity Beat eating disorders about the danger of bad diet advice that can encourage disordered eating and affect people’s mental health.

Elsewhere in the podcast, we take on a claim by the home secretary Suella Braverman about refugees from Sudan, and we look at some historical fact checking on the origins of the Picts.

For Fact’s Sake podcast: Why is bad diet advice online so dangerous? 4

Show notes:

  • Beat’s website is here, with advice and support for people living with eating disorders or concerned about a loved one.
  • Our full fact check on Suella Braverman’s claim.

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