Scottish far right group compiled a list of individuals who oppose racism and fascism

A far right group linked to neo-Nazis has allegedly compiled a list of around 60 organisations and individuals in Scotland who oppose racism and fascism, The Ferret can reveal.

The list, claimed to have been made by Patriotic Alternative (PA) Scotland, names charities, political parties, student groups and 33 individuals. They include Stand Up to Racism, Edinburgh University Marxist Society, Anti-Fascist Action Dundee and the Scottish Socialist Party, among others who oppose fascism.

The alleged covert project by PA is called Scottish Anti-Anti Fascists (SAAF) and involved the infiltration of left wing groups.

Details of SAAF were leaked by a former member of PA who said in a video he was asked to infiltrate left wing groups, but decided not to due to concerns he had over how the information would be used.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar described the list as “chilling” while other critics of PA said it was a “disturbing” and “worrying” reminder of the “threat posed by the far right”.

These documents, if genuine, are a worrying sign of the direction in which Patriotic Alternative is travelling. PA is an openly fascist group, and violence is a natural outcome of this ideology. They must be taken seriously.

David Lawerence, researcher at HOPE not hate

PA is a white nationalist group. It was set up in 2019 by Mark Collett, a Leeds-based extremist who was previously head of publicity for the British National Party (BNP). It has been attempting to recruit young people by organising camping trips, hikes and paint gun sessions.

The Scottish branch of PA recently posted images of its members on top of Ben Nevis with a “White Lives Matter” banner. “Patriotic Alternative exists to advocate for the interests of the indigenous people of the British Isles in a peaceful, democratic and political manner,” according to a statement on PA’s website.

The Ferret revealed in February, however, that PA’s supporters in Scotland included neo-Nazis and former members of the BNP and Scottish Defence League. They posted racist and anti-Semitic comments and disturbing images in a private group on messaging app Telegram.

In recent weeks there has been in-fighting within PA and a Telegram group called Patriotic Alternative Exposed appeared. PA’s list of anti-fascists was posted by a former member who used the pseudonym, Madfwaz. He claimed the list was compiled by a someone in PA Scotland who infiltrated anti-fascist groups. PA did not respond to our requests for comment.

In a video Madfwaz says: “I’m here today to talk about my time within Patriotic Alternative Scotland – and the wider movement as a whole, and to account for its failings, or what I see as it’s failings, in the months leading up to the present. I left PA last year around September time because I thought the organisation was a fucking farce.”

Madfwaz claimed he was persuaded to return to PA, and did so briefly, after being approached by a member in Scotland who “wanted a special job, collecting information on anti-fascist individuals”. He said: “I’m not really a fan of doxxing people. I just don’t see the point…no-one cares…no-one really gives a shit about Antifa.”

He claims to have been admitted to a private PA group where they discussed SAAF, adding: “…basically this group was full of information on certain people who are anti-fascists, names, pictures, addresses, stuff like that.”

However, Madfwaz then left PA due to his concerns. “There is so much on PA that is rather dodgy and pulls into question their authenticity…I’m no longer a member and want nothing to do with them and hope justice is served,” he added.

Those voicing concern include Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar who said: “This list is a chilling reminder that Scotland is not immune from the poison of the far right. Thankfully these people do not represent Scotland. The overwhelming majority of the country stands against this toxic ideology, and we must work together to stop their hateful message spreading.”

Maggie Chapman MSP, of the Scottish Greens, said: “This is a disturbing reminder of the real and present threat posed by the far right. Despite its rhetoric about community building, the Patriotic Alternative is a haven for anti-semites, racists, conspiracy theorists and thugs. Thankfully they are very few in number, and they will be rejected by the vast majority of people.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Socialist Party said: “The Scottish Socialist Party regards it as a badge of honour to be listed as an opponent by a vile racist and fascist group such as Patriotic Alternative. Throughout our existence we have been unflinching opponents of a range of racist and fascist groups and PA can rest assured that, along with Scotland’s anti fascists movement, we will oppose their poisonous ideas which have no place in today’s Scotland.”

David Lawerence, researcher at HOPE not hate, a UK-wide anti-fascism campaign group, said, “These documents, if genuine, are a worrying sign of the direction in which Patriotic Alternative is travelling. PA is an openly fascist group, and violence is a natural outcome of this ideology. They must be taken seriously.”

PA previously told The Ferret: “We don’t deal with anti-white scum!”

We will not be publishing the full list as it names individuals and some organisations have asked us not to share it. Anyone who is concerned their organisation may be affected can contact The Ferret in confidence:

Photo Credit: iStock/Debashis Kumar

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