UK neo-Nazis active on website offering bomb-making and chemical weapons training 4

UK neo-Nazis active on website offering bomb-making and chemical weapons training

British neo-Nazis appear to have been active on a violent website in America that promotes lone wolf attacks and gives advice on making bombs and chemical weapons.

The militant US forum calls for a race war, justifies the rape of women and allows people to download an Al Qaeda training manual.

Police Scotland say downloading material from the website “could constitute a criminal offence”.

Visitors include suspected members of a new British neo-Nazi cell called Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD), allegedly the UK wing of a terror group called Atomwaffen.

SKD has been linked to another neo-Nazi group called System Resistance Network which was active in Dundee in 2017.

In December, three members of SKD were arrested in England on suspicion of terrorism offences. A few weeks later several SKD propaganda images were shared on the site, as highlighted by an open source researcher known as Subcomandte X.

One image posted on 28th December contained the words: “Bring the system to its knees! Become the adversary!”. Another posted a week later on 4th January said: “Terror is the only thing they understand. Sonnenkrieg Division.” The accompanying image was of a masked member of the British neo-Nazi group Combat 18.

Banned terrorist group is behind latest neo-Nazi outfit in Scotland

The US website was created last year with its founder using the name,”Mathias”. Several members on the site claim to be from the UK.

A statement on the website says: “It was created in the spring of 2018 to provide real world Fascists with an online platform to make connections, share resources, organize, and ultimately further the Fascist Worldview.

“The purity of our worldview is our highest ideal and we have zero tolerance for anything that opposes it. The site has purposely been modeled after, which prior to its shutdown was the foremost Fascist website in the world. Our aim is to continue where they left off.”

Visitors can download a PDF of a document called, “The al Qaeda Training Manual; A Practical Guide for Islamic Warriors.”

Another PDF available is called, “Advanced Chemical Weapons Design and Manufacture – Chemical that kill in 30 seconds or less.” The text was published in 1997 by Scientific and Technical Intelligence Press.

The document says: “In order to understand how chemicals cause harm thereby making them useful as weapons, a basic number of chemical ideas must be understood. I will teach a handful of these principles in this book. My objective is not to teach chemistry, but to give the reader enough of a basic understanding of how chemicals are made that they can be used in war.”

A document on the site called “Psychology of Killing” advises readers: “When most people talk about killing, they are like virgins talking about sex. You can talk about it all day, you can fully understand the mechanics involved but when the time comes there is so much more involved than the person thought.”

Another thread promotes sexual violence against non-white women as a weapon of war.

Another thread by someone using the name “Pestilence” discusses the pros and cons of combat rifles and is called “AK-47 or AR 15?”. It says in conclusion: “They’re both extremely good choices with no significant losses for either. For the sake of covering all bases of ammo, get both.”

Responses to the post suggest members of the site have experience of weapons. For example, someone using the moniker, Puffing, wrote: “I would have to say in most cases I would prefer a heavier rifle like an SA58. But in my case, I have found AK variants to be better Campaigner rifles. They tend to function with any ammo put through them. They are easy to diagnose and become familiar with. But whichever you choose you must train regularly with it.”

In a thread entitled “Using The System” a member called “Yorkie” – who has a white rose with a swastika as a thumbnail – claims his location is “Yorkshire, England.”

Yorkie wrote in one post: “If I was a UK activist (hypothetically of course) how acceptable is it to live within the system to develop skills and attributes that can later be used in our struggle against the same system? I have trained Muay Thai and MMA for some time now but hand to hand combat is only one tool that will be needed when shtf .

“Since my awakening as NS I have been planning on undertaking some security type training provided by ex-soldiers from within the system. Over time this would provide me with skills on how to use firearms, high level driving capabilities and how to deal with complex and aggressive situations, but again I would be paying tax etc.”

Another user called “Pugna” also claims to be from the UK and has a photo of a bloodstained Robert De Niro in his role as murderer Travis Bickle in the 1976 film Taxi Driver, as a thumbnail.

The website was registered on Dream Host, a US based web hosting and registration company, on April 17, 2018. According to IP address data, the internet service provider running the site is based in Ukraine.

Dream Host told The Ferret that it was a “content-neutral service provider” and said that while the company had acted as the was the domain’s registrar, it did not host the content on Fascist Forge.

“We have zero tolerance for illegal content on our network, and work regularly with law enforcement to take action against sites that contain such content”, a spokesperson said.

To become a member of the site, people must sit an exam and answer 26 essay style questions.

Revealed: neo-Nazi terrorists are behind Scotland’s newest far right group

According to a recent investigation by VICE, the forum had 441 members from the US, Canada and Europe. Of that total, 99 had taken the radicalisation exam, and most passed it.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gerry McLean said: “Police Scotland works with a range of partners across the counter terrorism (CT) policing network in the UK to consider any potential threat posed by extremist groups or the content they host on their websites.

“There are many instances where CT policing has engaged with internet service providers to remove extremist content, as well as working with international colleagues to investigate those individuals responsible for the posting of any offensive material.

“In certain circumstances, downloading material from these websites could constitute a criminal offence. The public should be aware that we take this activity very seriously and it could lead to criminal charges for those involved.

“We are committed to investigating those who promote an extremist agenda and just last month, we charged three men with terrorism charges relating to their support of the proscribed right wing group National Action. Those who promote these extreme views have no place in our communities and will be brought before the courts.”


Unite Against Fascism said: “The far right are not able to organise on the street as they know they’ll face strong opposition. With the banning of the fascist terrorist organisation National Action many former activists are trying to renew their organisation with a new name. They may be small in number but they are dangerous – just a few months ago a right wing extremist was caught with a bomb making kit in his Edinburgh flat and sentenced to 12 years.

“Far right terrorism is virtually ignored by the main stream media, at best gets a brief mention, but then the white extremist is dismissed as a lone wolf. The reality is that these right wing terrorists thrive in the current climate where many of the most powerful politicians and media moguls scapegoat those with least power, immigrants and Muslims.”

In June 2017 we revealed that far right group Scottish Dawn had links to National Action. Scottish Dawn was banned by the UK Government under terror laws in September 2017.

This article was updated on 15th May 2019 to remove the name of the website, in line with new anti-terror laws in the UK.

Photo thanks to Anthony Crider, CC BY-SA 2.0

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