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Mapping the green rush: Scotland’s carbon credit sites

Mapping the green rush: Scotland's carbon credit sites 3

As part of the The Ferret’s series on Scotland’s Carbon Credits, we revealed the developers behind the carbon market green rush – and the companies and organisations buying carbon credits. We’ve now mapped all of Scotland’s carbon capture sites and explored the top 20, which span from Galloway to Caithness.

The Ferret looked at the 790 Scottish projects voluntarily listed on the peatland and woodland carbon codes, and have mapped each one below.

The projects – which make up 63,453 hectares – could allow developers to state that nearly 14m tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been absorbed over the next century.

Carbon capture schemes generate carbon credits, which can be used by companies and organisations – or sold to others – to compensate for the emissions they release.

You can switch between the top 20 largest carbon capture sites and a complete listing of all sites by clicking the boxes in the top left corner of the map.

Each circle represents a carbon capture site. Click any circle for more information about the site, such as its name, developer, size and type of project.

Scotland’s carbon credit sites

Ferret members can access the full data set on all 790 carbon credit projects from our data download page.

You can read about the developers behind the largest sites – and the global firms snapping up Scotland’s carbon credits – as part of our wider investigation.

Photo credit: Ken Brown, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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