An activist with a far right group operating in Scotland had links with a banned neo-Nazi terror organisation, it has been claimed.

Jacob Bewick of Generation Identity Alba/Scotland (GI) is an alleged former associate of National Action, according to anti-fascist group Hope not Hate.

GI have been active since last year when we revealed they were recruiting in Scotland via social media and public meetings.

They are part of a pan-European movement that opposes Islam and immigration but claim not to be linked to neo-Nazis or fascist groups.

Hope not hate said Bewick was photographed at National Action marches and that his Twitter account contained “numerous Nazi and pro-National Action posts”.

He allegedly tweeted “Bradford needs ethnic cleansing” and the infamous Nazi slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children.”

In March 2017, Bewick posted a photograph of his membership card for British Nazi group, the National Front, said Hope not Hate.

It is also claimed he was a driver for leading National Action member Wayne Bell, who was jailed last November for conspiracy to commit violent disorder after a riot in Liverpool.

Bewick was active with GI and travelled to Scotland recently to meet members.

They hung a banner over the side of Edinburgh’s North Bridge which said: “Mass Migration Ruins Europe! Mass Emigration Ruins Africa!”

The group posted a video of this on their Facebook page earlier this month.

GI describe themselves as a “patriotic youth movement who promote the values of homeland, freedom and tradition”.

But critics say they have too many links to the extreme far right.

"Most of the established British Nazis are middle aged boneheads with stupid ideas so it is worrying to see a younger generation learning from their European counterparts." Unite Against Fascism

Critics include Unite Against Fascism, who said: “Most of the established British Nazis are middle aged boneheads with stupid ideas so it is worrying to see a younger generation learning from their European counterparts.

“They know how to use social media to spread their ideas and hide their true Nazi politics. We must stamp out groups here while they are still small and expose the Nazis at their core.

“In Britain, the danger from far right white terrorists is growing rapidly, highlighted by a string of recent court cases.”

Generation Identity Alba/Scotland said: “Everybody who agrees to our basic principles can become part of GI.

“It means defending our ethnocultural identity but also rejecting old ideologies of racism and extremism. Our members come from all different backgrounds.”

GI’s first meeting in Glasgow last summer was targeted and shut down by left wing group Antifa.

When asked if he was ever a member of National Action, Bewick replied: “I went to one demo. But it wasn’t for me and I will be reporting this fake news to the police if these smears continue.

“The picture is from about eight years ago before I was into politics. Please don’t contact me again. I won’t be lied about or smeared.”

The above story was first published by the Daily Record on 19 March 2018.


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