The Ferret regularly polls its supporters on what it should focus on next.

In the past, thanks to the support of readers, we’ve tackled fracking, homelessness, and asylum. Often our stories have helped to raise the profile of these issues and supported public policy changes.

This year our readers have asked us to focus our efforts on land-use and land ownership.

Land ownership in Scotland has long been an emotive issue in Scotland.

Yet, despite this, the simple question: “Who owns Scotland?” remains a difficult question to answer. Opaque ownership structures adopted by some of Scotland’s largest landowners, and a lack of simple, affordable way to get hold of data from Scotland’s public agencies mean that ownership of land in Scotland often remains hidden.

Whilst we won’t be able to find out who owns every corner of Scotland, we do hope to be able to publish a series of stories that will help to shed some light on this topic. Some of our ideas will take a lot of research. So to do them well, we need your help.

You can support this project by filling in the form below. If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to our work.

Everyone who makes a donation will be able to suggest an eye-sore, a property, or an area of land for us to investigate. We’ll also send you a discount code that will get you £9 off the price of an annual subscription, or your first three months of a monthly subscription for free.

Tell us about an eye-sore near you, or another property that you would like to know more about.