Max Dunbar, former BNP activist and Independent Green Voice candidate

Alleged Holocaust denier and ex-BNP activists standing for independent ‘Green’ party

A candidate standing in the Scottish Parliamentary election for a political party called Independent Green Voice has been accused of Holocaust denial while two others are former activists with the far right British National Party.

The Independent Green Voice party has five candidates standing for election on Thursday. They include an alleged Holocaust denier called Alistair McConnachie who is on the Glasgow list. He has denied being a Holocaust denier.

McConnachie registered his Independent Green Voice (IGV) party with the Electoral Commission in 2003.

But critics are warning voters these candidates are “masquerading as Greens”.

Former UKIP member McConnachie — who founded a pro-Union group called A Force for Good — was investigated by Nigel Farage’s former party in 2001 after making comments about the Holocaust. 

Also standing for Independent Green Voice is ex-BNP activist Max Dunbar who is on the Scotland South list. Dunbar is a former treasurer for the Scottish branch of the British National Party. He was pictured in Glasgow in 2009 distributing BNP literature.

Dunbar was previously involved with Scotland in Union and Friends of Israel before both groups distanced themselves from him. The Ferret reported Friends of Israel’s comments in 2019. Former BNP activist John M B Robertson is on the Central Scotland list. Robertson stood for the BNP in the 2009 Drumchapel/Anniesland council by-election. 

Scottish Greens culture spokesperson, Ross Greer, warned voters to check ballot papers carefully.

He added: “They think they can fool progressive voters by masquerading as Greens. I am quite sure that they will, once again, be proven wrong and humiliated at the ballot box.

They think they can fool progressive voters by masquerading as Greens.

Ross Greer, Scottish Greens

“Only a vote for the real Scottish Green Party will tackle the climate emergency, stand up to bigotry in all its forms and build a fairer, greener Scotland after this pandemic. It is important that voters read their ballot papers carefully.”

David Lawrence, researcher at HOPE not hate, said:
“Independent Green Voice is yet another example of a longstanding far-right tactic: latching onto green issues to provide a softer face in order to inveigle their way into mainstream politics.”

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Holocaust denial and far-right sentiments have no place in our nation’s political life.”

Independent Green Voice has been asked to comment.

Cover photo: Max Dunbar by Scotland Snapper.

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