For Fact's Sake podcast: Why is the 'incel' movement so dangerous? 4

For Fact’s Sake podcast: Why is the ‘incel’ movement so dangerous?

Ali and Paul speak to Dr Lisa Sugiura from the University of Portsmouth about the Incel movement, a misogynistic online subculture that has been linked to violent attacks around the world.

We find out why anyone would want to self-identify as an ‘involuntary celibate’, how Incels interact with other aspects of the so-called ‘manosphere’, and what impact movements like this have on women and girls.

Also on this week’s pod, Ali explains why we are still being charged a fortune for our energy bills. And on Paul’s Curiosity Corner we discuss the Kalergi Plan, a far-right conspiracy which was recently mentioned by a former Premier League footballer.

Show notes:

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