The FFS Show episode 4: Clash of the Scottish party leaders

Ferret Fact Service | Scotland's impartial fact check project GERS

Episode four of our fact-checking and misinformation podcast, The FFS Show, is live!

This time, your intrepid fact-checkers Mags and Ali are focusing on claims made during the BBC leaders debate. Nicola Sturgeon, Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Lorna Slater and Willie Rennie have their claims scrutinised.

And the second half of our interview with Vice News reporter David Gilbert looks at how the QAnon conspiracy hit the UK.

This podcast is possible thanks to your support. If you want to help us do more fact-checking work, subscribe to The Ferret for just £3 per month.

Listen to episode four below and subscribe to The FFS Show on your favourite podcast platform.

Photo thanks to iStock/Irina Krolevetc.

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