Data and source materials

At The Ferret we strive to make our source material available to our readers.

We have published more than 5000 source documents in a public searchable archive that you can find on DocumentCloud.

Additional data that we’ve made available for free can be found on Github.

Members-only downloads

Where we have invested in a particular dataset we may limit access to our members who support the project.

On rare occasions we may be required to limit access because of licensing restrictions. For example, as part of our investigation into property owned offshore we published a special members-only searchable database covering every scottish property owned outwith the UK. Find it here:

You can search our other member-only downloads below.

Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee it. Therefore you should be careful if you choose to rely on it for something important. If you decide to re-use this data or share it more widely please credit The Ferret as the source and link to this page. Don’t hesitate to contact-us if you have have any questions about the data here.

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