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Coronavirus statistics for Scotland

This page shows statistics on the Coronavirus outbreak in Scotland.

It is based on information published by the Scottish Government. Most of the charts update automatically as new figures are published, although there may be a lag whilst data is processed.

If you are anyone you know is concerned they may have coronavirus, advice is available on the NHS Inform website.

Our fact checkers are also debunking coronavirus myths that our readers have spotted circulating in Scotland.

Number of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland

This chart shows the cumulative total of confirmed, registered Covid-19 deaths since the pandemic started in Scotland.

The chart below shows the total number of deaths in each council area, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate even if this was not confirmed by a test.

These figures are published by the National Records for Scotland on a weekly basis.

The chart below shows the weekly number of excess deaths in Scotland since the Coronavirus outbreak began. It compares this number with the number of people who have died where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

Excess deaths are calculated by comparing the average number of deaths for a particular week over the last five years with the number of deaths in the same week in 2020.

These statistics are based on figures for all deaths – not just people who were recorded as having Covid-19 when they died, or had Covid-19 mentioned on their death certificate.

If the number is higher than zero, this indicates that more people are dying than might be expected in a typical week.

If the weekly number of excess deaths is both significantly higher than normal and greater than the number of deaths directly linked to Covid-19, this may indicate that one or both of these things are happening:

  • The number of Covid-19 deaths are being under-reported in Scotland.
  • The health care system in Scotland is unable to treat people with other health conditions as effectively whilst it is focussed on responding to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Number of Covid-19 patients in hospital

This chart shows the number of people in hospital confirmed to have Covid-19. The figures are broken down by total number of people in hospital, and the total number of people in an intensive care unit.

Covid-19 tests in Scotland

This chart shows a cumulative total number for both positive and negative Covid-19 tests undertaken in Scotland. The thinner white line shows the number of postive tests received in the previous 7 days.

The chart below shows the cumulative number of confirmed Covid-19 cases broken down by Scottish Health Board area.

The chart below shows the daily number of new suspected cases of Covid-19 reported to the Care Inspectorate by care home providers.

Daily ambulance attendances where Covid-19 is suspected

This chart shows information from the Scottish Ambulance Service on the number of daily “attendances,” including where Covid-19 was suspected, and when a patient with suspected Covid-19 was taken to hospital.

NHS staff absences related to Covid-19

The chart shows the number of NHS staff in Scotland that are off work due to Covid-19. The figures do not include those working in general practice.

Update: On April 26, 2020, this page was revised after the Scottish Government began publishing Covid-19 statistics as open data. The current layout replaces an earlier dashboard produced with the support of Code the City, who first compiled the official statistics for Scotland as a voluntary effort.

The Ferret is grateful for the ongoing support of Code the City in maintaining and updating the data that powers some of these charts.

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